The Art of Staying Healthy & Active As you Grow Older

Are you ready to learn smooth flowing movements that will unwind the knots in your body, ease the daily stiffness and stops the aches and pains from setting in your body?

Then let’s do it!

You can feel healthier and happier very quickly. A 10 minutes session a couple of times a week is the starting point to find the happier and livelier you. Practice where and when you want, you don’t need any equipment and you only enough space needed to swing a small cat!

About this Online Exercise Course

We all know exercise is the most effective single thing we can do for our health, but sometimes we all lose our mojo, our sparkle and our sense of direction, life itself gets in the way of living!

So, if you have tried gym work, running or other western style exercises and find it difficult to stick with, this course could be the solution you have been looking for.

Join us in learning smooth but challenging exercise movements that increases your energy levels, strengthens your body and reduces chronic muscle tightness.

Move Well to Live Well as You Grow Older

Nesta (Age 61)

Start Looking After Your Body, Right Now! You'll Be Grateful For This Later.

Smooth rhythmical movements that work with your body are the answer to a healthy mobile body as you grow older. 

  • Increase balance strength and stability
  • Unlock bindings and release tension reduce as you learn to feel what your body is saying
  • Bite sized learning modules to increase your flexibility, improve your strength, increase your balance, 26 movements in total, taught in 3 levels of complexity
  • Learn the fundamental health movements to maintain your body as you age
  • Reduce your biological age by learning to feel what your body is saying
  • Developing a smooth connected and integrated body is the way to stay healthy

How it Works

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Smooth movements to release tension and rebalance your body

Sherry (Age 70)
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Paul (Age 67)
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Nesta (Age 61)
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Lesley (Age 73)
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John (Age 62)
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