Exercises for Life
Complete Movement System for reducing your long-term & chronic muscle pain.


We have been using this movement system for resolving long term chronic pain in ourselves and our students for over 15 years, and now it’s available online, so wherever you are you can learn to move without chronic pain and live more comfortably.

It’s for everyone who wants proven relief from long term chronic pain by using natural movement systems that work with your body.

Are you ready to learn smooth flowing movements that will unwind the knots in your body, ease the daily stiffness and stop the aches and pains from setting in to your body? You can feel healthier and happier very quickly. A 10 minute session a couple of times a week is the starting point to find a happier and livelier you. Practice where and when you want, you don’t need any special equipment and you only need enough room to swing a small cat.

How To Use Our Courses

We have two ways of using our courses; either one can be done as a stand-alone way of learning, or they can be used in conjunction with each other. Regular practice is the cornerstone of keeping ourselves loose, comfortable and healthy. 

The first is the Live Follow Along Sessions, which are a great way to keep up regular practice. These are £20 a month and you join us and others on Zoom for a complete run-through of the body, along with extra teaching points and feedback. 

The second method is signing up for the in-depth teaching of the movements; these are all prerecorded lessons that you can practice anytime, in your own time. Each movement is taught in 3 levels of complexity to help you build upon your level of ability. You can choose a set of movements for a particular part of the body for a one-off price of £25, or sign up for the whole-body course for a one-off price of just £75. 

1 - Live Follow Along Sessions

We have developed our online movement and exercise weekly live Follow-Along Zoom classes for you to join and keep fit and healthy, not by tightening and compounding your body, but by softening, releasing tension and connecting up your body to work as a single unit.

These have proved to be so popular in easing the daily aches and pains that descend on you are you grow older, that we have now extended these to teaching regularly each week,

Sign up now and join us in learning how you can develop comfortable body and move easier as you grow older.

You choose which time and day suits you best, the class is £5.00 a week each (£20 a month), and as a bonus, you can then also attend the other two classes that week for free.

  • Tuesdays – 6-6:40pm with Brian
  • Wednesdays – 10-10:40am with David
  • Fridays –  2-2:40pm with David & Brian Alternately

All these times are on London time (GMT).

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2 - Learn Our Movements In-Depth In Your Own Time

All the courses in this section are pre-recorded and you have access to them for life for a one-off price of £25 per course, or get all four for just £75. They are especially good if you’re already joining us on our Follow Along Sessions and want to get more out of the movements. We teach them in greater depth than we have time for in the Follow Along Sessions, and we’ve found they can make a huge difference to your range of movement and levels of comfort within your body.

The 7 Movement System we use to resolve tight shoulder, neck and back pain in our students.

Typical types of problems include:

  • Neck pain which you notice when you:
    • Are unable to turn your head easily when doing things like parking the car
    • Have trouble turning your head easily to each side
    • Can’t find a comfortable place for your head to rest
    • Always need to sleep on one side
    • Prefer to sit on the left or right to talk to friend
  • Upper shoulder pain when reaching your arm above your head which means you think about your pain often as you move.
  • Upper and middle back pain which means you are unable to twist your body sideways and experience stiffness on turning around and have difficulty lifting shopping bags and getting in and out of the car.

If you experience any of these problems, these movements will be of benefit to reduce your pain and improve your range of motion. 

The 7 Movement System for resolving lower back and hip pain in our students.

Specifically helpful if you have difficulties doing the following:

  • Walk comfortably
  • Sit down or get up from the floor
  • Lift and hold objects
  • Put shoes and socks on
  • Pick things up of the floor
  • Stand for more than a few minutes
  • Get in and out of a car
  • Get in and out of the bath
  • Walk evenly on flat ground

This sort of pain can make you feel like you have seized up overnight and mean you think about the pain often as you move. These seven easy to practise movements can help relieve these issues to allow you to move more easily and reduce pain in your lower back and hips.

The 6 Movement System for resolving joint issues with ankles, feet, wrists and hands with our students.

The 6 Movement System we use to resolve joint When you suffer from pain in your knee, ankles or feet, you may find it difficult to:

  • Walk comfortably
  • Climb stairs
  • Kneel down to garden
  • Take shoes on and off
  • Wrist and finger pain with poor grip meaning you find it difficult to undo jar lids, use scissors or other tools and do fine movements work with your hands.

As well as finding you’re thinking about your pain when you move. It can limit your life and make simple things difficult but, thankfully, regularly practising these seven movements can help you to move more easily and have less pain when you do.

The 7 Movement System for resolving balance problems with our students.

If you have issues with balance, you may find that your feel of falling is stopping you from doing things and mean you start doing things such as:

  • Thinking twice before going out to places
  • Keep watching where you are going to step next
  • Using a stick just in case
  • Holding onto others just in case
  • Worrying about falling often as you move

This can be very limiting as well as distressing so we have put together these seven easy to follow movements to help improve your balance so you can feel more confident in moving about and doing the things you love.

Get the Full Course (all 4 courses in one)

We believe it is important that everyone has access to the exercise movements that we have been using so successfully in our weekly classes, to improve strength, mobility and balance, and our hope is this online course will take those benefits to a much wider audience. 

This course is designed to show you how to keep fit, healthy & mobile now, and continuing into your latter years. It works with and rebalances your whole body. The key is to work gently but regularly with your body, giving it increasing levels of balanced stress challenges. In return, your body will be stimulated to respond to match those challenges, increasing your strength, creating greater flexibility and mobility and improving your balance.

Smooth movements to release tension and rebalance your body

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