Exercises for Life
The Art of Self Care

Are you ready to learn smooth flowing movements that will unwind the knots in your body, ease the daily stiffness and stops the aches and pains from setting in your body? 

You can feel healthier and happier very quickly. A 10 minutes session a couple of times a week is the starting point to find the happier and livelier you. Practice where and when you want, you don’t need any equipment and you only need enough space to swing a small cat!

Sherry (Age 70)
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Paul (Age 67)
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Nesta (Age 61)
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Lesley (Age 73)
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John (Age 62)
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About this Online Exercise Course

Self-care is all about giving ourselves time to improve our lives, having more energy and being more satisfied with the events happening in and around us. 

Self-care involves giving yourself more time and attention, one of the key components is a simple exercise movements routine.

Exercise decreases the stress hormones in the body, like cortisol and also releases endorphins in the brain, which have a role in reducing stress and managing depression.

Research has shown that even minimal exercise is better than none, so starting with a simple routine that you find easy to stick with, is the first step.

Smooth controlled movements can take your mind off of problems and troubling thoughts, just by placing you in a different mindset and allowing you to focus on coordinating your movements and breath.

It is proven that it takes 21+ days to make an activity a routine, and there is no time like the present to start getting moving. Once you have made space for a simple weekly routine, just 10 minutes a week is all you initially need to begin with. As time goes on you can increase this to daily which will yield even more benefits, and more feelings of happiness!

Move Well to Live Well as You Grow Older

Reduce your stress levels and your daily aches and pains and begin to move easily and comfortably.

You can easily achieve a higher level of health and mobility, it doesn’t take too much effort and it doesn’t take long at all providing you know how.

About 10 minutes once or twice a week brings great improvements if you practice the right movements. We have a proven set of movements which help to balance your body ease pain in your lower and upper back, neck, legs, arms, wrists, trunk, ankles and your feet.

It is learning to work with your body and not against it, that is the answer to a developing a comfortable older body.

This online course is the closest we can get to you being in one of our classes. If you enjoy what you see on the free shoulder video, and can already feel the benefits then the time to start is right now!  in a year’s time you will be grateful you this now!

It’s now only £99.00 (less than the cost of one high street coffee a week!) for 12 months access, and includes all 26 movements covering all parts of your body, including moves that will quickly improve your balance.……

How it Works

Smooth movements to release tension and rebalance your body

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