About Us

These movement classes have been running in Kent and Sussex in England for over 15 years and the most asked question from the class has been “can you please do a video so we can work at home.” 

Meet Instructor Brian Saxton

I have been studying the eastern energy arts and philosophies for the past 25 years, practicing and learning in Europe, India and the far east, working with both somatic bodywork and qigong systems.

With my son, David, I have developed a practical system of movements that rebalances people’s bodies, builds strength, releases tensions, and creates more flexibility. It uses some of the movements handed down by various teachers who have a grounding in qigong, further shaped and developed by my training in somatic bodywork, the movements of Phillip Beach and refined by my experience in working with students in my weekly classes over the past 20 years.

Meet Instructor David Saxton

I trained in eastern martial arts from the age of 12 up into my early 20’s, then, having been inspired by my father’s increasing range of movement, strength, flexibility and lack of aches and pains, I started learning Tai Chi and Qigong, which I’ve trained in now for over 15 years. We have worked together to create this gentle but powerful system, and now I teach it in classes twice daily across the south coast.

About The Course

Our students have received amazing benefits from doing these movements just once a week. They tell us that it has enriched their lives, helping them to rediscover and enjoy their life more fully, with less aches and pains, improved strength and more flexibility. And especially our older students say that as they now have more confidence in their balance, they are more empowered and have a greater zest for life. Of course, we already know this, as we can see them blossom as they progress from a Level 1 to a Level 3 on the movements. The difference is clear.

We are now able to make the movements and this system available on-line so you can experience the benefits of better health. The course is as close as we can get to delivering the benefits without being in the same room, and we hope you get started soon.

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I have now been doing theses movements for three years, a whole new understanding of the body develops.
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The elements are delivered at the right pace allowing subtle elements to be taken up naturally, and easily.
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The mobility in my spine and shoulders are much improved.
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It’s really good to look at the different levels and then you can gauge where you are.
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This gives me a connection to my body that I have never really had.
Elizabeth Cutchey (Age 68)
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I have been practicing these movements for the past three years. In mid December 2018, I had open heart surgery. I was able to continue with my classes just under four weeks following surgery, albeit that a few moves were too much for me at that stage. I firmly believe that my previous lessons helped me with my early recovery after surgery.
Peter Radford (rtd Commercial Airline Pilot)
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Over the last two years this movement program has assisted me in improving my physical health. Spinal surgery in 2016 revealed I had been living with a broken back for probably three decades; I also have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Sticking to the exercises that Brian has devised has literally kept me upright and mobile. I would encourage anybody seeking to retain their physicality and balance to adopt these exercises.

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