Calling all Baby boomer – build health now, it’s not too late

The autumn of your life

If you were born between 1946 and 1964 you are the classic baby boomer, you have never had it so good. Financial planning has given you more wealth, more security, better health care, and more opportunities than any generation before, but now things are beginning to look a little fragile as you realise that old age is rapidly approaching, and the safety net is being removed.

There are not enough young people in work to keep you in the style to which you have become accustomed, the government’s funding on health, like everywhere else is being prioritised, and self-care and self-funding in old age is going to be the big reality. Acute care is probably still OK but chronic conditions are usually addressed by Hospital or Nursing home care, and that financial burden will fall squarely on your financial shoulders.

You should look at this looming problem like a financial investment, do your market research then take action to invest wisely. Take a good look at people 20 or 30 years older than yourself or visit a nursing home and become familiar with the current reality and the current cost of aging and care.

Nursing home costs.

In the UK an average nursing home costs £45,000.00 a year, and most people will be expected to self fund their own care. For most people that means selling the house (the children’s inheritance) and using the equity. Current government recommendations are that this is the only way for the future, in order to fund the growing costs of elderly care. Forget for the moment the pain and discomfort of being old, the loss of independence and purpose, that being in a home means, forget about the quality of your life, of being surrounded by folk in a similar or worse conditions all day long, purely on a financial basis looking after your health and keeping you out of Nursing homes for as long as possible seems a really sound investment.

A new approach to health care.

You should treat your health care as any financial investment you have ever made. What does it cost and what are the returns. Any sound long term investment is one which identifies undervalued stock which the market is not fully aware of and which provides clear growth over long periods of time. There is such an investment you can take out for your health, but you can’t invest and let it grow, it needs your active participation. It is constantly being proven by independent research to be the best health movements you can find.

It is possible to improve your health whatever age your are. It is possible to be sound on your feet, to move easily and without pain, as you age. It is possible to be more flexible, stronger and more vibrant in 10 years time than you are now.

The cost is so small, both in money and in time, yet the real benefits are so solid and the rewards for your health so high that it stands head and shoulder above anything else that is available. The key to reaping the rewards from your investment and becoming vibrant as you age is to do simple low impact movements for few minutes every day, and of course, like all good investments, to have started investing 10 year ago, but if you missed that, then the time to start is now. In ten years time you will wish that you had.

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