I have old injuries and problems that mean I really can’t do much exercise, and actually don’t really want to because it hurts.

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If you think that everyone else is fit and healthy whilst you are the exception, then think again, you can’t get to be over 40 years old without life having kicked you left right and centre, either physically from accident or surgery, emotionally from simple human interaction, or mentally from life’s endless challenges. When it comes to health and mobility, take a look around, you are in the majority not the minority, that’s just the human condition, the question is do you want to do something about it?

Most people know that they need to keep active, but many just can’t work using the old-style gym, stretching or running cycling modalities. Most know that some form of movement is essential to keep them on their feet and active, and want to be in the best possible physical health for as long as they are able. For those who are disillusioned with the traditional exercise and are open to embracing a new understanding how to keep fit and healthy then smooth comfortable movement is the answer.

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