What Do I Get?

In this online course, you will be taught 3 levels of increasingly challenging movements with detailed step by step instructions. There are 26 movements in total which over the past 20 years we have been developing and teaching in our classes, and which have had such amazing improvements in health and mobility. With unlimited access, you can review each section and move at your own pace. Gentle focused practice will build an effortless mobility that is a pleasure to do on a weekly basis.

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What you will achieve

By following this exercise course, you will:

  • Learn how to move smoothly and comfortably
  • Learn how to enjoy movement and exercising as part of your daily life
  • Learn that working with your body is the best way to stay focused
  • Increase your leg strength
  • Increase your stamina and develop a strong connected body
  • Improve your balance by engaging your entire body when you move
  • Raise your vibrational energy in a positive & enjoyable way as you improve your health

You will also have a comprehensive “tool kit” of movements to assess your mobility on a regular basis, and movements tailored to re-adjust and re-align your body or regain mobility after injusry, and turn a rusty old age into a golden old age. Purchase the yearly package for 2 months free.

This online course is available to you now. You can increase your strength, build muscle, improve bone density and increase flexibility and mobility at your own pace. The step by step instructions, with a log book/ record sheet will give you the ability to measure your improvements.

Why this course?

We believe it is important that everyone has access to the exercise movements that we have been using so successfully in our weekly classes, to improve strength, mobility and balance, and our hope is this online course will take those benefits to a much wider audience. 

This course is designed to show you how to keep fit, healthy & mobile now, and continuing into your latter years. It works with and rebalances your whole body. The key is to work gently but regularly with your body, giving it increasing levels of balanced stress challenges. in return, your body will be stimulated to respond to match those challenges, increasing your strength, creating greater flexibility and mobility and improving your balance.

Move Well To Live Well As You Age

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I have now been doing theses movements for three years, a whole new understanding of the body develops.
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The elements are delivered at the right pace allowing subtle elements to be taken up naturally, and easily.
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The mobility in my spine and shoulders are much improved.
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It’s really good to look at the different levels and then you can gauge where you are.
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This gives me a connection to my body that I have never really had.
Elizabeth Cutchey (Age 68)
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I have been practicing these movements for the past three years. In mid December 2018, I had open heart surgery. I was able to continue with my classes just under four weeks following surgery, albeit that a few moves were too much for me at that stage. I firmly believe that my previous lessons helped me with my early recovery after surgery.
Peter Radford (rtd Commercial Airline Pilot)
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Over the last two years this movement program has assisted me in improving my physical health. Spinal surgery in 2016 revealed I had been living with a broken back for probably three decades; I also have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Sticking to the exercises that Brian has devised has literally kept me upright and mobile. I would encourage anybody seeking to retain their physicality and balance to adopt these exercises.

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